Checking Out the Best Features in iPhone 12

The new Apple iPhone 12 is out in the market. This hero smartphone in Apple iPhone 12 versions comes loaded with amazing features, better design, faster processor and the tougher screen. Besides, it is a first 5G Apple iPhone, like you might have already heard. Compare this to other older iPhone version and you will see a vast series of upgrades, but in case you are upgrading from the earlier iPhone, then you can see the difference. Let is check out some important things about the phone and find the best iPhone 12 offers online.

Making a Right Choice

The iPhone 12 & iPhone 12 mini both are the Apple’s mainstream iPhones. Both these phones have 6.1-inch & 5.4-inch sizes respectively with same features, which include support for the faster 5G networks, improved cameras, OLED displays, as well as A14 chip, in a refreshed design.

And iPhone 12 has got two rear cameras that make taking selfie a breeze. It main camera uses 12-megapixel sensor as well as wider F1.6 lens, and it is best in the good light. And in low light it’s the best, though not very good as the Pixel camera. When turn on a Night Mode, iPhone 12 clicks beautifully lit photos. Its camera comes with 12megapixel sensor that is really good, mainly in the good light. Now, it has less distortion than the camera in iPhone 12. Its 12 mp front camera is improved and the best camera we have ever seen in the iPhone till now.